Midsummer Celebration June 23rd

Above: elemental guardians for the bridge display.


Above: the wishing well as decorated last year.  The figure of John the Baptist will sit by the Well to bless the waters.  Thanks to Gillian Nott for making this wonderful figure for us.

Above: This wonderful symbol is know as a Kolovrat, a very spiritual and strong symbol that represents the endless cycles of birth, death, summer and winter. Each turn of the solar wheel is a new day. It is similar to the traditional swastika before the negative use by a german tyrant. This is a very special symbol for me personally as it is also the wheel that is symbolised on the Roma flag. It represents freedom and travel, life’s journey always moving from season to season. New day a different sky.

It is nearly Midsummer and to celebrate we are having a celebration at the Museum on Saturday June 23rd.  This event is completely free and everyone is welcome!  All events are taking place in front of the Museum.  The Museum itself will be open all day.

On Thursday June 21st and Friday June 22nd, Victoria Musson, artist and creator of wonderful things will be outside the Museum (weather permitting).  She will be decorating the area outside of the Museum preparing it for Saturday this will include our wishing well and the bridge over the river in the Harbour amongst other things.  She will also be creating solar wheels to float in the Harbour and other beautiful bits and pieces to make the day extra special.

Above: there will be dancing around the Midsummer Tree which has been decorated with symbols of the sun (including a Golden Cockerel)

On Saturday June 23rd the plan is (weather permitting, we keep saying this as it rained and rained last year!)

12 noon River Moor Coven dancing

12.30pm raising of the Golden Cokerel and dancing around the Midsummer Tree led by Merv Davey, the Cornish Piper

1pm-1.30pm blessing of the waters and floating of solar wheels led by Victoria Musson

8pm Fire dancing/ritual dances with fire

Sofia Maili and her crew from the Dot and Dash project will be performing their ritual fire dances.  Thanks to Sofia for these wonderful photos (below).

8.30pm Setting alight of the figures of the God and Goddess.  In the days leading up to the event, these eight foot tall figures made of straw and hay will be standing outside the Museum.  They each have an empty space inside them.  We will be encouraging people to put things inside them that they would like to burn (it could be some writing or a small item that represents something significant to you).  The God is a traveller and a strong figure so we would ask people to put things that they want to be taken away from them as he may be able to help with this.  The Goddess is nurturing so inside the Goddess we would ask people to put things that they would like to grow and develop.  To us, these figures are made of things that grew from the earth, they will be lighted with fire at a place where fresh and salt water meet.  The air will carry the contents of the God and Goddess to where they need to go.  They represent the harmony of the natural world and will provide a focus for our Midsummer gathering.  

Here are some photos of the completes figures with their wonderful creator, Victoria Musson.

This is our approach to Midsummer, the God and the Goddess.  If you want to participate please do, if it isn’t for you then we hope you are able celebrate the seasonal year in your own way.  

Above: the Goddess figure taking shape.  

With thanks to Victoria Musson for all her work so far (and for the photos) and to the National Trust for supporting this event.