Workshops on The Mabinogion (June 10th) and Qabalah (September 16th)

The Museum is pleased to announce a further two workshops which will take place in 2017.  These are open to everyone although pre-booking is essential.  Contact Judith at the Museum by email ( or phone (01840250111) to book your place.  Workshops are held in the Museum library and tickets cost £20 per person (pay on the day).   

The workshops will be run by Levannah Morgan.  

Levannah Morgan is a priestess and witch who has practised magic in Devon for over thirty years. She has taught may workshops and courses on witchcraft and magic and speaks at many Pagan and magical events. She is the author of A Witch’s Mirror (Capall Bann 2013) and a contributor to many other publications including Hands of Apostasy (Three Hands Press, 2014). She was the founder of the Friends of the Museum of Witchcraft and is one of its trustees.

The Mabinogion (June 10th)
This workshop covers the magical aspects of the great corpus of Welsh myth known as the Mabinogion.  These wonderful stories, still little known amongst English speakers are a treasure house of magic and the deities and spirits of our land.  After an introduction to the Mabinogion and its history we will focus on the stories of Gwydion, Arianrhod and Lleu Llaw Gyffes and Mabon ap Modron (Cilwch ac Olwen) and delve into their magical aspects.  The workshop will also include practical exercises and meditations.  It will also dispel some common misconceptions about “Celtic” mythology.  The workshop leader is a Welsh speaker who grew up with these stories.  Please bring a notebook and something to write with.
Qabalah (September 16th)
An introduction to the esoertic system at the heart of the Western Mystery Traditions.  Levannah Morgan will introduce you to the Qabalah, often considered difficult to learn but actually a wonderfully poetic and visual magical system which weaves together the deities, planets, tarot, colour, number and language (and many other things) into one harmonious vision of a magical universe.  No previous knowledge of Qabalah is required.  Extensive teaching materials will be provided and the day will include practical exercises and meditations.  Please bring a notebook or sketchbook and something to write on or draw with.
N.C. Qabalah has nothing to do with the American cult of Kabbalah.