Dew of Heaven: Objects of Ritual Magic

Our 2018 exhibition (which will open on April 1st) will explore objects in the Museum’s collection relating to Ritual or Ceremonial Magic and will consider:

-Hermes Trismegistus and the Hermetica

-The secret of the stars: the realms or spheres and the magic associated with them


-Eliphas Levi and Baphomet

-Cecil Williamson’s approach to Ritual Magic (the founder of the Museum)

-John Dee, scrying, Enochian

-A former Museum exhibit as planned and designed by Steffi Grant with altar made to specifications laid down by Aleister Crowley drawing on Fludd’s representation of microcosm/macrocosm

-Aleister Crowley and his associations with the Museum, the Museum founder and Ritual Magic

-Golden Dawn

-OTO and AA

-The links between Ritual Magic and witchcraft

This is just a brief outline, a full write up of the exhibition will be added in time.

Some photos of the exhibition while under development (thanks to Carol Keith for these).