Article about the Museum on Wiccan Rede website

Many thanks to Morgana for the great write up!

The Museum has a lot of Wiccan items, Gerald Gardner was involved in the Museum in the early days as its "resident witch".  Here he is photographed outside the Witch's Mill (the Museum's name when it was on the Isle of Man).

Above: this painting is in our Modern Witchcraft gallery.  It shows Gerald Gardner.  It was painted by Lisa Berkshire.

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  1. Hallo everyone, I first visited the museum in 1979 🙂 It was lovely to be back recently and meet old and new friends. The article we wrote in 2011 in “Wiccan Rede Online” was in commemoration of the 60th anniversary. Last year (2015) we celebrated our 35th anniversary. More news about that later as I am sure we will be in contact more often in the near future.
    For now Good Luck and Blessed Be, Morgana

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