Jewellery cast from Museum objects now available

The Museum shop has expanded its range of jewellery in recent months.  We now have items available for sale online which have been cast by Cornish jewellers to resemble objects from the Museum's collection.

Here are some examples...

A pewter hare brooch made in pewter (photo below), it was modelled on a hare which was found in a wall under a window near Liskeard in 1998 (photo above).

Some items are direct copies which have been made into jewellery such as this cat (the original of which was made in the trenches of World War One and is part of our display of wartime protection charms) and this moon face brooch which is a replica of a talisman owned by Gerald Gardner.

We also have two items cast in silver from delicate items in our charms display. 

A beautifully detailed silver newt, cast from an exhibit in the Museum, hangs from a silver chain in this subtly witchy pendant that captures the magic of the natural world.  The newt is traditionally associated with procuring love and increasing concentration.

The two silver moles' feet, which hang from a silver chain, are wonderfully detailed, and cast from an exhibit in the Museum.  This unusual pendant draws on traditional folk magic and its close connection with the natural world.   Moles' feet were believed to protect against toothache and cramp, and to ensure that whoever carried them would never be short of money.

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