Jos Smith "Witches and eggshells" finds a permanent home in the Museum

Last year, the Museum hosted a fantastic exhibition of illustrations by Jos Smith.  These images originally appeared in Erica Jong's book "Witches"

Jos Smith has very generously donated one original artwork to the Museum.  The painting is called Witches and Eggshells and fits in perfectly in our display on Sea Witchcraft (see photo below).

This picture is also available as a high quality art print and a blank greetings card.  The print is the same size as the original painting (80cm x 45cm).
We also have one more Jos Smith picture which is available for sale as an blank art card only.  It is of a beautiful night-time scene and shows a young woman cutting herbs.  A copy of this picture will be going on display in our re-displayed upper gallery (due to open March 25th).

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