Poster of the Week

Dr. Louise Fenton, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication at the University of Wolverhampton has been visiting the Museum for many years, she is a Friend of the Museum and has spent a lot of time researching the poppets in the Museum's collection.  Her research will be published next year by Troy Books.

She recently visited the Museum and dropped off some wonderful posters that her students had created for the Museum.  We thought they were amazing but we can't decide which we like the most.  They are all going to go on display in the Museum (on the stairs near Joan's cottage) so visitors can see them.  We are going to put one a week on the blog from now on and then ask people to tell us their favourite in a few weeks time.  We were thinking that the winning poster design could be made into a poster for sale in the Museum shop.

Here is poster number one...


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