Psychedelic Folk band samples Museum Chanting CD

We recently received this communication, the album should be out in a year or so. Amazing how the Museum's influence spreads so far and into so many different fields!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am writing to you from Germany. A while ago, a very good friend gave me two CDs with chants he bought at your museum. Well, I liked them a lot!

And now, to come the the main reason I am contacting you. Some friends and I have a Psychedelic Folk band. Last week-end we had a concert in Berlin and we used chant no.5 of the first CD as our intro. Our band is named “Drey Principia” and we do music with an alchemistic topic. Our first Demo highlight the elements. So the chant was really perfect as an intro. I looped one phrase and played it for six minutes and slowly added some reverb and delay.

Well, we all loved that intro so much we would like to take it onto our new album, which is in production now. And I want to ask for your permission to do that.
Best regards from Germany, Jan for Drey Principia.

p.s. Here are some tracks we made depending on the elements.

Chanting  front

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