Remembering Mike Howard

Michael Howard 1948 -2015

Michael Howard will be sadly missed by all at the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic. He spent many hours researching in our library and archive and was a prolific author of esoteric books. His journal, The Cauldron, ran for over 30years.

Mike was incredibly knowledgeable on occult matters and despite being somewhat secretive was always generous with his advice to the museum. He was also quick to tell us if we made a mistake! 

He generously donated hundreds of documents and books to our archive and attended most of the talks and gatherings hosted by The Friends of the Museum.

He leaves us with fond memories and a wealth knowledge that would have been lost without him.

We will miss your wit and wisdom Mike but I suspect you will continue to visit the museum and library on occasion just to keep an eye on us.

Many thanks to Graham King for providing this text.

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