2916 – ‘Sea Witch’ Advert: Hair care advert with witchcraft theme

Physical description:
Advert with large photograph of young woman, text to one side with image of Sea Witch hair care product at the bottom.
Museum classification:
Images of Witchcraft
28.5 x 20.5

Text on advert reads: Sea Witch girls look more like girls than girls who were only born that way. Sea Witch blondes have an unfair advantage over mere born-blondes. Sea witch blondes have hair like silk. Soft. Shining with new but natural colour. And it's the same with Sea Witch browns and auburns. And Sea Witch black. How to get that better than born lucky look? It's easy! Shampoo Sea Witch on. Wait. Rinse. And prepare to feel very lucky indeed. Then follow product details.

Paper from a magazine