3187 – 'Snap Apple Night' or 'All Hallow Eve': Reproduction of a painting by Daniel Maclise

Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
60 x 40 cm
In 1832, Daniel Maclise and the folklorist and fairytale writer Thomas Crofton Croker visited an All Hallow's Eve party in Blarney, County Cork, hosted by the parish priest Fr. Matthew Horgan. The evening's festivities inspired Maclise's painting which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1833. It was subsequently engraved and circulated in the popular press, extending its influence. Maclise's biographer, W. Justin O'Driscoll published 'A Memoir of Daniel Maclise, RA' in 1871 and described the evening thus: 'It was the invariable custom of the good priest to invite a large party on All Hallows Eve; it was a social gathering where persons of superior position in society were to be found unaffectedly mingling with the poorest peasantry of the parish. Crofton Croker and Maclise were invited to this entertainment, and whilst the young artist, charmed with the novelty of the scene, surrendered himself heart and soul to the enjoyment of the night and joined in the harmless hilarity that prevailed, he contrived to sketch every group in the barn.'
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