3142 – Nightmare Before Christmas Lights: Halloween lights in Jack Skellington shape

Physical description:
A string of fairy lights in a box. There are 10 lights, each is a face/skull.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
33cm x 20cm x 7cm in box

The Nightmare before Christmas explores the rigid nature of the different festivals and the places that they explore in our culture. The creator of the film, Tim Burton, has spoken at length about the appeal of the dark and gothic. He loved Halloween as a young man growing up in American suburbia and now his films are adored by young people in similar circumstances. In the film, Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, the leader of Halloween Town and he has come to embody Halloween to many. These lights represent him and his different expressions: a grinning skull, a shocked skull, a scary skull.

Plastic and electrics
Copyright ownership:
Touchstone Pictures