3223 – Divination Food Charms: Charms for placing in food

Physical description:
Small metal charms with hooks on the end.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
Various - largest = 2cm x 2cm

Charms such as these were baked into cakes or hidden in mashed potato/colcannon on Halloween. The charm you discovered predicted your fate for the coming year. These modern charms are intended for us at weddings (they are a type of charm called a New Orleans wedding favour) which isn't baked into the cake but is a very similar idea. These charms came with the following text/interpretation: Four Leaf Clover: Good luck Heart: New love Thimble: Spinster Chili Pepper: There's a hot romance in your near future Anchor: You will live a life of stability and hope Saxophone: You will live with a song in your heart. Fleur De Lis: Laissez les bon temps rouler - Let the good times roll! Pelican: You will have a life of plenty Camera: You will have a picture perfect life Steamboat: Your life will be full of nostalgic memories Alligator: You will live a long and enjoyable life Eiffel Tower: Your life will be filled with travel and leisure Mardi Gras Mask: Your life will be a party A ring: You will be the next to be married.  The ring charm is stuck to a piece of fake chocolate cake as an illustration of how these sorts of charms would be used.

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