3285 – Round Tin with Floral Pattern

Physical description:
Round tin, brightly coloured floral pattern, contains lots of silver and beaded jewelry
Museum classification:
Modern Witchcraft
8 cm X 8 cm X 4 cm

A round tin with a coloured floral pattern from a collection of objects once belonging to Cerridwen Connelly. Containing 11 pieces of jewelry: 1 pair of black, white, green, and orange beaded earrings, 1 pair of metallic crescent earrings, 1 pair silver earrings with wire wrapped stones and knot, 1 pair ornate silver earrings, 1 pair of silver hoop earrings with silver pendants, 1 pair white, pink, and purple beaded earrings, 1 pair of feather earrings with brown gemstones, 1 pair of earrings with silver feathers, blue and yellow gems, 1 ring with large blue and amber stone set in, 1 pair of gold hoop earrings, one wristwatch.

tin, silver, beads, leather