3356 – Horseshoe and key charm.: Charm for luck and security

Physical description:
Horseshoe and keys displayed on red velvet in bespoke frame.
Museum classification:
Protection Magic
30cm x 30cm

This item was given to the Museum by a Cornish businessman to celebrate our re-opening and refurbishment in March 2016.  It was intended to bring luck to the Museum and came with the following text:

Horseshoe and Key Charm

The donor writes:

"Shoe was found just outside Wadebridge at Lemail, and is blacksmith made.  The keys are about 100 years old and came from Brittany, France.  The shoe is a good luck charm and the keys represent security.  The shoe also represents the building and the keys represent the people inside, bring them luck and security."

On display in the Museum shop at the main entrance/exit to the Museum.

Iron keys and horseshoe, red velvet material, glass and wood frame
Copyright ownership:
Museum of Witchcraft and Magic