3358 – Goddess/phallus statue: Metal Goddess statue

Physical description:
Heavy metal (bronze?) in the shape of a maiden/phallus. Flat base.
Museum classification:
14cm x 4cm x 3cm

This intriguing item is made up of two parts.  The front shows a lady in a gown (possibly a Goddess or priestess).  Her dress is classical: she wears a hood, a long dress, beads and is holding something in her hands (which are held in front of her).  She may be a Goddess.  The back of the statue looks like the back of her robes but it also is also phallic shaped.  The two pieces have been fused/moulded together, there is a seam on the side.  It is difficult to know the intention of the person who made this object but the Museum has chosen to display it in the Goddess section to represent the union of the Horned God and the Goddess.

Metal (bronze)
Copyright ownership:
Museum of Witchcraft and Magic