3427 – ‘Halloween Sound Effects Vol. 1’

Physical description:
Black vinyl and cardboard sleeve with pumpkin design
31 x 31 cm

This LP from 1982 contains various sound samples with a grotesque/horror theme. Listeners were encouraged to add their own effects such as 'wind and other weather sounds...to expand the overall ambience'. 'This collage of gruesome sounds is perfect for Trick or Treaters who need (or deserve?) a little terror in their lives".

Part of a series of Sound Effects Records from Total Records based in Vancouver, Canada.

A1 Scream!! 0:05
A2 Lugging The Body Upstairs - Heavy Breathing 0:25
A3 Sawing Off Its Leg 0:22
A4 Digging The Grave 0:40
A5 Growling, Snarling, Slobbering Monster In Chains, Maniacal Laughter 0:47
A6 Witches And Demons Enjoy It 0:27
A7 Victim Doesn't 0:08
A8 Two Headed Monster Devouring Raw Flesh 0:56
A9 Gluttony And Belching From Satisfied Monsters 0:46
A10 Beating The Prisoner To Death, Death Throes 1:24
A11 Sharpening The Pendulum Axe 0:16
A12 Chopping And Hacking Up The Body 0:28
A13 Crunching The Bones 0:07
A14 Tightening The Thumbscrews 0:13
A15 Jane Screaming In Agony 0:11
A16 Monster's Bash 1:19
A17 Werewolf At Midnight 0:30
Hallowe'en In Space
B1 Tumblers In Time 1:34
B2 Cosmic Lunacy 2:22
B3 Martian Graveyard 3:19
B4 Forest Of Oz 2:45
B5 Lunar Quicksand 0:50
B6 Plutonian Ice Caves 1:44
B7 Honing The Light Sabre 0:19
B8 Stalactite And Stalagmite 0:16
B9 Lazer Arrows 0:20
Producer, Performer – Jane Gipps, Ralph Harding

Vinyl LP. card sleeve, plastic sleeve