3434 – Trick or Treating toys noisemakers


Eight 'noisemakers' from 1950s America.  

2 x frying pan shaped rattlers with Witch and Skeleton designs respectively

1 x tin with Witch, pumpkin and owl design (in Store Box 56)

1 x Ratchet style, U.S. Metal Toy Mfg. Co.

1 x Bell rattler with witch

1 x Bell rattler by Mfg. Co.

1 x Horn style long Rattler orange and green

1 x Mallet-shaped rattler

"Halloween noisemakers probably originated in Germany, and became popular in this country around the 1920's. Early noisemakers were made of wood and made a ratcheting sound when spun. By the 1950's, noisemakers were made of tin, came in all shapes and sizes, and featured colorful Halloween graphics. Although noisemakers went out of fashion in the 1960's, today they're being appreciated anew by collectors, both for their sound and visual qualities.

American noisemakers were mainly produced by three companies: Kirchhof, U.S. Metal Toy and T. Cohn."

Lisa Morton, Halloween Encyclopedia

Tin, wood, paint