3631 – Food pusher belonging to Julia Pearce

Physical description:
Silver (or silver plated) food pusher - a utensil consisting of a teardrop-shaped ring ending in a half-moon shape. The initials EE are engraved on the ring, and the name Mappin & Webb and some hallmarks are stamped on it.
Museum classification:
Modern Witchcraft
50 x 35 x 30

Part of a collection of objects that belonged to Julia Pearce.

Food pushers are utensils that were used along with a spoon by small children when they were learning to feed themselves. The pusher would be used to push food onto the spoon. As this one is silver or silver plated, and engraved with initials, it is likely it was a christening present, and may have been intended more as a gesture than as something that would actually be used.

Mappin & Webb is a prestigious jewellery store.

Metal (silver?)