3669 – Assorted Interpretation Panels from Glitter and Gravedust Exhibition

Physical description:
21 x text panels
Museum classification:
Glitter & Gravedust
Various (smaller than A4)

Texts written by Judith and Peter Hewitt as interpretive panels that were hung in 2016's Halloween Exhibition.

Texts include:

Modern Halloween and Party Foods

Candy Corn

Pixy Stix

Huesos des Santos - Holy Bones

Chestnuts, pancakes, etc.

Soul Cakes

Charms for Food

Dia de los Muertos

Halloween Feast (Harry Potter)

The Halloween Tree (Bradbury)

Apples and Apple Paring Postcard

Hazlenuts & Nut-Crack Night

Tim Burton on Halloween

'Nightmare before Christmas'

Halloween and Satanism Book (relates to book in MWM Library & Archive)


Noise-makers (relating to Museum Objects)

Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game (relates to MWM Object 3213)

Dennison's Bogie Book (relates to MWM Book)

The Devil's Night (relates to Christian morality tale published by chick.com, replicated on card)

Paper, foamboard
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