3839 – Four Large Iron Nails

Physical description:
Four large and very rusty iron nails with traces of thin string attached.
Museum classification:
Spells and Charms
150 x 10 x 8 (largest)

These were found driven into the ground amongst a group of three trees. It seems they were originally part of a series of perhaps nine nails joined together with string (there were other nails that could not be removed because they were stuck in the tree roots).

Traditionally, nails were often driven into the ground and left to rust as a way of curing illnesses in humans and animals. The idea was probably either to transfer the illness into the ground, or that the illness would diminish as the nail rusted. See the epilepsy cure MoWaM id. no. 1218.

The donor has written an article about this find for the first issue of the new 'Enquiring Eye' journal.

Metal (iron), String