3846 – Pendle Witch Figure

Physical description:
Figure of a witch on a broomstick, dressed in black. Though basically stereotypical, she has a pleasant face (nicely detailed), and is generally portrayed in a sympathetic manner.
Museum classification:
Images of Witchcraft

One of the 'Witches of Pendle' Collectors' Doll series. The label gives the doll a name (Agatha), and there is an attached leaflet giving historical information about the Pendle case. 

These Pendle witch dolls are an interesting illustration of how the people of Lancashire have embraced their witchcraft history, and see the Pendle witches as part of their Lancastrian identity.

(See 'Lancashire Life' article: http://www.lancashirelife.co.uk/people/pendle-hill-the-friendly-face-of-witchcraft-1-1632310.)

Fabric, resin, etc