3002 – A short cotton Ghanaian cut-off shirt: King Coffe of the Ashanti's Chief Sorcerer's Robe

Physical description:
Cotton shirt, Akan script, hand and foot prints. Symbols include tigers, human figures kneeling, six pointed stars, ornate pinnacled buildings.
56 cm x 48 cm
Dark green/brown Cotton garment with a deep neck line. Constructed of two panels, attached with ties on each seam. This small cut off shirt may have once been part of a larger ensemble described at CWOLC 7666 (Cecil Williamson Object Label Collection): "A sorcerer's gown obtained from the missionary service in 1920 by purchase. The gown is stated as having once belonged to King Coffe of Ashanti's Chief sorcerer [sic?] the numerous red and white pouches sewn on to the garment each hold a spirit charm to protect the sorcerer against the counter spells of other sorcerers." This item was found amongst various other African objects in a box labelled 'Witch-Doctor. Mau-Mau. Sundry Items.'
Cotton, ink, pigment