3896 – Alpha Omega Tracing Board Diagram Seven Palaces of the Briatic World

Physical description:
Cream coloured card with black ink writing. Holes where pins have been. On the back is more handwritten writing.
Museum classification:
Ritual Magic
24cm x 30cm

These tracing board diagrams were most likely used as a way to test the knowledge of the members of the order of Alpha et Omega (initially called The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) and allow them to progress further up into higher levels (grades) in the order. It appears that some, if not all, of the boards were hung in the temple during rituals of the inner order. See the Alpha Omega tag for more tracing board diagrams. 

The text on the front side reads: The Seven Palaces of the Briatic World 

Followed by a diagram of seven circles encased in a bigger circle, all numbered and with Hebrew writing in them. The diagram pertains to The Seven Palaces attributed to the Ten Sephiroth.

The Tree of Life is a representation of the entirety of creation. The Tree is composed of ten spheres - referred to as the Sephiroth/Sefirot as a whole, each sphere denoting a universal quality, such as wisdom or beauty.
"Within the beliefs of the Golden Dawn, each sephira (the singular) has associated with it a number, a divine name of God in Hebrew, an archangel, an order of angels, a colour, and an element (from the Aristotelian four elements) along with other symbols. This array of ten spheres is connected by 22 paths, which are also numbered. In a manner similar to the sephiroth, the associations for the 22 paths connecting them include the assignment to each of one of the 22 Hebrew letters of their alphabet, one of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards, a divine name of God in Hebrew, and an elemental association. (...) The numbering of the sephiroth and the paths, and the term “sephiroth” are both derived from the Sepher Yetzirah, an early Jewish mystical text which refers to the sephiroth as the ten primal numbers (one through ten) and also to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in conjunction with these first ten numbers." (source)


The text on the reverse reads: 

14. South.

Portal of:

Executed and presented by Y. H. Frater "Fide et Amore" Oct 4th 1908.


There are also markings left over from a sticker that read:

Israel Regardie, in the book The Golden Dawn (vol. I) describes sulphur, mercury, and salt as the names of the Three Principles of Nature. 

"Portal of: 5=6" inscription pertains to the structure and grading of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (also known as Alpha et Omega, or the A.O.) 5=6 being the Adeptus Minor rank of the Second Order. 

The structure of the Golden Dawn:

First Order
Introduction—Neophyte 0=0
Zelator 1=10
Theoricus 2=9
Practicus 3=8
Philosophus 4=7
Intermediate—Portal Grade

Second Order
Adeptus Minor 5=6
Adeptus Major 6=5
Adeptus Exemptus 7=4

Third Order
Magister Templi 8=3
Magus 9=2
Ipsissimus 10=1

Card and ink
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