3309 – Art card showing Joan of Arc: Painting of Jeanne d’Arc the Maid of Orleans

Physical description:
A large greetings card with a reproduction painting on the front and text on the back.
Museum classification:
Images of Witchcraft
14cm x 21cm

This text is taken from the back of the card (purchased from a Goddess shop in Glastonbury).

Jeanne d'Arc - the Maid of Orleans copyright Jo Joysaon 2013 oil and collage on canvas

At 13 Jeanne, a deeply pious peasant child, began to hear voices, prophesies that she was to save her beloved France from the stranglehold of the English.  The voices of Archangel Michael, St Catherine and St Margaret became so loud and more frequent that in 1429, at the tender age of 17, she was moved to persuade the French army to allow her to lead the siege at Orleans...drive out the English, and allow the Dauphin Charles to be crowned King of France.  Jeanne became the French Mascot, never fighting herself or ever using her sword, but holding her famous banner, she represented the courage of the Holy Warrior, the saviour to the French nation and claimed the title Maid of Orleans.

Her fortunes fell, when the king lost interest in her after he had gained his crown and she was captured by the Burgundians and convicted of witchcraft and heresy.  Condemned on the ground of her perpetual insistence in wearing male clothing, Jeanne was burnt at the stake at the age of 19.  Her last words as she was dying were "Jesus".  After her violent death, she quickly became thought of as a prophetess and messenger of God and in 1920 was canonized by the Catholic Church.  Jeanne's youth and innocence yet overwhelming strength and courage are what has made her a legend and an example of martyrdom and the power of spiritual faith.  Her lesson and her message is one simply that in total surrender to that sacred place of Faith and Trust...it is there that one will find their courage and strength to achieve the impossible and the seemingly insurmountable.  Jeanne d'Arc is the quintessential heroine and embodiment of feminine intuitive wisdom, courage and devotion.

Copyright ownership:
Jo Jayson