3796 – Boscawen-un Fairy/elemental colour giclee print

Physical description:
Large reproduction picture in mount showing fairy dressed in green in a floral/verdant landscape. Mounted on cream card.
Museum classification:
Sacred Sites
33cm x 45cm

Donated by the artist.  A colour version of object number 3641 (also donated by the artist).


Giclee print of an elemental sighted at Boscawen-un on June 2 2015, at 1pm.  

Kindly donated by the artist, Ivan Clark.

In an accompanying document, Ivan describes his encounter with the elemental which was seen 'near where the centre circle was'. Ivan's partner was asking the spirit guardians of Boscawen-un for permission to enter the site, and it was at this point that Ivan saw 'emerging from the left... a male figure, young, stunningly lissom and handsome in a renaissance manner, with large gossamer wings, both reflecting and absorbing the strong warm liquid light.'  Ivan goes on to describe the fairy's size (about five feet ten inches tall), clothing and general mien, and reports that the sighting lasted about two seconds.  Ivan remarks about hearing his voice; a feeling 'as if a complete sensory umbilical attached the two of us'. 

Ivan completed the painting in 2016.  It portrays the beautiful spring flowers, which were so beautiful that late spring lining the lane to the circle.




Paper, ink, card
Copyright ownership:
Ivan Clark