3125 – Box of fortune telling cards: 4-Tell fortune telling cards

Physical description:
A blue box with a set of cards in it and an instruction booklet.
Museum classification:
10cm x 10cm x 2cm
From the pack: "Everyone enjoys having his or her fortune told. They will be astonished at the accuracy of 4-TELL revelations about their problems, hopes and desires, and truly amazed by their realisations of its predictions. How is it done? This will remain a mystery, but we can tell you that 4-TELL is a simplification of a system used by the wizards and soothsayers of ancient times to pierce the veil that divides the future from the present. So have 4-TELL fun with your family and friends - and if you are alone - read their fortune at a distance, by thinking hard about them as you shuffle the pack."