3756 – Bride’s cross with snowdrops tile

Physical description:
Small, circular tile with colourful front and white back. Snowdrop and Bride's Cross motif on duck egg blue background.
Museum classification:
Goddess, protection, Wheel of the Year
9cm diameter

This text is taken from the maker's website:

This ceramic pottery Brigit's Cross art tile is made from white earthenware clay. It features my original snowdrop Brigid's Cross design, brought to life with fresh coloured glazes...lovely for Imbolc and the first breath of Spring.

The Brighid's Cross design is inspired by the Celtic tradition of making reed crosses to celebrate the early spring festival of Imbolc or Candlemas, and honour the goddess Brighit. In Celtic mythology, Brighid is the goddess of the eternal flame, the first sparks of life igniting in the soil after the coldness of winter. Her flame is also the inspiration of the poet and artist, the transforming fire of the blacksmith and the restoring flame of the healer. The reed cross represents the wheel of life and the turning of the seasons.

Ceramic (earthenware), paint and glaze
Copyright ownership:
Rowan Song Crafts