3119 – Charm: Gobbo/Cornetto

Physical description:
A key ring with a plastic figure on it. He is wearing a black hat, his torso is white and his legs are in the shape of a red chilli.
Museum classification:
12cm x 2cm
A popular Italian charm to ward off the evil eye. Known as Gobbo/Cornetto - Gobbo is the name of the lucky hunchback figure. He is holding a horseshoe and his right hand is making the mano cornuta (or corna) gesture. He is wearing a black top hat similar to that worn by the Voudoun deity Baron Samedi. The bottom half of the charm is a red horn shape (cornetto). The horn is both a weapon to repel the evil eye, and a phallic fertility charm. It also resembles a chilli. Chillies (like garlic) are regarded as protective because of their medicinal properties. Often these horn shapes are made of coral.
Plastic and metal