2994 – Charm: Witch figure

Physical description:
Small figure of a witch on a broomstick made of silver-coloured metal. A charm sold by William Henry Paynter at his Cornish Museum at East Looe. With its original backing card.
Museum classification:
Spells and Charms
40 x 40 x 10
This little flying witch charm is still in its plastic bag attached to its backing card, and it is difficult to see its details and condition because the bag is still full of dried mud from the 2004 flood. The backing card (which is water damaged) reads, "A Piece of Cornish History. No. 12. WITCHES. Witchcraft as we know it in the twentieth century is all myth. But is it? Witchcraft is still practised in many parts of England, and for something that is taken lightly it is surprising how long it has gone on for. Cornwall is the place where it is strongly believed and until very recently people would shun anybody they thought had these powers and kept well away from them. Should you have a dead hedgehog on your doorstep in the morning, you might be in their bad books and have to be very careful whom you talk to. HE-HE-HE." This charm was probably made specially for the witchcraft-researcher William Henry Paynter for sale at his museum at East Looe, which he opened in 1959.