3803 – Cigarette Lucky Charm cards

Physical description:
Small coloured cards with esoteric symbols in colour on the front and explanatory text about the symbol on the reverse. Each card has "Wills's Cigarettes" written prominently on the front and the back.
Museum classification:
Ritual Magic/Good Luck Charms
Each card measures: 3.5cm x 7cm, the folders they are in measure: 25cm x 17.5cm

Includes the following cards:

Aries - The Ram

Taurus - The Bull

Gemini - The Twins

Cancer - the Crab

Leo - the Lion

Virgo - The Virgin

Libra - The Balance

Scorpio - The Scorpion

Sagittarius - The Archer

Capricornus - The Goat

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

Pisces - The Fishes

The Abracadabra

The Abraxas

The Ankh

The Caduceus

The Crescent and Hand

The Cross

The Hand

The Scarab

The Serpent

The Greek Vowels

Solomon's Seal

The Swastika

The Tau Cross

The Tet

The Heart

The Utchat

The Buckle of Isis

The Menat

Necklace of Charms

The Bulla

The Tusk

The Cornucopia

The Frog

Magic Nails

Inscribed Amulet

Gnostic Talismans

The Fish

Amulet Box

Food Charm

Conch Shell

The Dorje

The Tortoise

Book of Charms

Eye Agate

The Hei-Tiki

Grotesque Figure

Axe Head

Arrow Head

Card and ink, plastic folders
Copyright ownership:
Wills's Cigarettes/Imperial Tobacco