2345 – Coin

Physical description:
Irish copper penny. Obverse says 'GEORGIUS II REX' with portrait bust of the king. Reverse has image of harp and crown and says 'HIBERNIA' but date obscured by paper accretion.
Museum classification:
Spells and charms
28 x 28 x 2

This was found with a collection of 'lucky coins' so may have been used as a lucky coin itself. White accretions on obverse indicate that it may have been attached to a display board in the past. 2344 is a similar coin. T.Cadbury, 20.09.2011.


Likely related to Document 8057 which reads: "Two Irish coins both dated 1775 used by the charmer William Bales of Bootle to place on the eyes of a person at the time of their death. Purpose-to ensure a peaceful journey through the valley of death. The coins, as it were, shut out the horror and fear of passing through that doleful place. One feels that the symbol of the harp too with its association with angels may also have some baring on this strange procedure."

Metal, copper