3747 – Crios Bride or Bridget’s or Bride’s Girdle

Physical description:
Straw loop with plaited crosses (4 in total)
Museum classification:

A long straw plaited girdle made for the Imbolc or Candlemass event held at the Museum on January 28th 2017.

The girdle is a large woven hoop (as illustrated above from the National Museum, Dublin).  The crios bride or Bridgit’s Girdle is a straw rope with a number of crosses plaited in straw attached to it.  

Traditionally it was used in the following way:  A party of young people would go from house to house.  At each house visited, the occupants were expected to pass through the crios, thus obtaining the protection of Bridgit and freedom from illness (especially pains in the bones) for the coming year.  

The girdle was suspended around the doorway to the Imbolc Celebration at the National Trust Cafe in January 2017.  It has since been loaned to a local group to adorn their Goddess temple.

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