3199 – Dipping For Apples: Halloween engraving

Physical description:
An A5 sized page mostly dominated by a large picture of a man with two girls. He is dipping for apples in a barrel. An original page from Frank Leslie's Christmas book - page 245 with accompanying text from page 248.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
23cm x 17cm
Dipping for Apples, 1888. An image from a page of Frank Leslie's Christmas Book page 245. Came with the accompanying text (originally on page 248) "ALL HALLOW-EVE is an old name for the last day of October, and it is in some parts a great day of sports for children, and even some who are not children. One of the games is shown on page 245. A washtub is taken and filled with nice clear water, and a good sized apple is set floating in it. Each one then kneels down on the floor, and tries to catch the apple with his mouth or her mouth, as the case may be. But the apple does not like to be caught, and bobs off in a most provoking way. To make sure, the child eager to succeed will dip his whole face in the water to try and keep the apple down and make sure of it, but even then it will slip away and come bobbing up, its wet sides laughing at the dripping faces. When the young folk can get their father, or some other of the older ones of the family, to try it, then the fun is at its height. For, when he too, fails to catch the apples, and comes up spluttering and dripping, there is great laughter and merriment."