3795 – Epona Plaque

Physical description:
Small, rectangular shaped ceramic plaque. Triangular towards the top (like a roof of a house). It is flat on the back and raised on the front. Has holes ad string for hanging on the wall. Creamy brown white in colour.
Museum classification:
11cm x 11cm x 1cm

This excerpt is taken from the maker's etsy webpage:

Epona is an old Celtic Goddess, of Horses. Here she is seated, holding two colts in her lap. She is also connected to dogs.

The design is reproduced from a drawing of an ancient artifact.

A master tile was hand-sculpted, then a press mold was made. Even so, each tile differs in that much of the facial detail is carved out anew.

This tile hangs on the wall. It is made of porcelain clay with glaze. Other colors by special order.

Porcelain clay with glaze
Copyright ownership:
Teresa Carey of Aradia's Gallery