Goddess Wheel of the Year.: Seasonal Witch Festivals

Physical description:
A large card which stands. On the front is an image of a tree with a cut out section. The wheel turns in the cut out section to show different representations of the Goddess for different festivals.
Museum classification:
22cm x 22cm

Text from the front:

"Hail Lady

Your presence is constant and ever changing

In birth and growth

In maturing and harvesting

In aging and dying

In and in between worlds and lives

As the wheel turns your presence is constant and ever changing

Blessed Be."

Text from the back of the Wheel of the Year:

Goddess Wheel of the Year Experience the different qualities of the Goddess as the wheel of the year turns.  Copyright Wendy Andrew www.paintingdreams.co.uk

Each section of the Wheel of the Year has an image of the Goddess on the front and a prayer/invocation on the back.


Copyright ownership:
Wendy Andrew