3184 – Halloween costume photo: Black and white press photo

Physical description:
Large black and white press photo showing a group of people in costumes in front of a Haunted House. There are lots of annotations on the back.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
25cm x 20cm

This press photo has lots of notes on the back of it. It is dated October 30th 1983 and has a stamp on it "Staff photo by Claudia J Howell The Oregonian Portland Oregon" It also has a clipping from the newspaper stuck on the back and this says: "WELCOME - Strange inhabitants of the Portland Jaycee's Haunted House beckon to stouthearted visitors."
The photo shows a group of people in costumes. They are quite gruesome and show clear influence from horror films (there are monsters, a gorrilla, Frankenstein's monster, Dracula etc.) The people look teenage.
This photo illustrates two important late 20th century Halloween phenomenon: the spread of its appeal to young people (not just children or families) and the growth of haunted houses as Halloween destinations.