3213 – Halloween Game: Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game

Physical description:
Roughly A5 in size with title at the top and pumpkin and cat. There is an arrow and another spinning wheel in the centre. Around the sides are different fortunes and stunts.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
23cm x 17.5cm

Whirl-O Halloween Fortune and Stunt Game. On the front, the game and on the back, the instructions/meaning of the fortunes and numbers. Example of a stunt (pointed to be the arrow): Swing an apple on a string, bite it on the second swing. Example of a fortune (pointed to by a number): If you work hard and never tire, you'll have the things you most desire.
This game probably dates from the early twentieth century but it chimes into older Halloween traditions of parties and game playing. October 31st has long been associated with divination and this is a modern, playful type of divination.

Cardboard and metal
Copyright ownership:
Beistle Company