3761 – Hekate at the Crossroads Banner

Physical description:
Fabric banner with mostly dark blue and green colours with painting on it of tree and crossroads.
Museum classification:
30cm x 44cm

The following information is copied from the seller's online etsy shop page:

Welcome magic and mystery into your garden with The Crossroads of Hecate art from The Well Worn Path on this garden flag. Printed right in my studio and hand pressed onto long wearing, mildew resistant polyester fabric, each garden flag has a channel in the top that allows you to display it outside using your favorite flagpole.

About Hecate:

Hecate is known as the night-wandering Goddess of crossroads and witchcraft and prophesy. In Rome she’s known as Trivia and was one of the original Titans, a Goddess deep and far-reaching, a force to be reckoned with. Although she is considered a dark Goddess, her most ancient manifestations are associated with the mysteries of life, death, and rebirth, and as a Goddess of early agriculture. The fertility of the fields she holds sway over reveal the secrets of the deep earth from where life was witnessed to have risen up. She shows us these mysteries in the forms of crops, and animals that rise from the ground such as snakes. Her realms are those of earth, sea and sky as she crosses between the worlds seeing the past, present and future simultaneously.

She was revered at crossroads where three roads met. There, offerings were left to her at roadside shrines dedicated in her name. She held ghosts and Restless Dead that traveled the land and the poor and disenfranchised as her charges.

Here, she waits for you at the crossroads in her in traditional Greek garb, she is a Goddess who is often depicted as having triple aspects, a triformis Goddess. She presents a torch to light the way, although you must choose your own road, she illuminates the dark to help you judge for yourself. Her other two aspects are seen as luminous spectral images emanating from her aura seeing in all directions at once. In addition to the torch, Hecate’s three forms also bear her sacred emblems: ancient Greco Roman style keys to open the ways to the mysteries of the occult on a cord symbolizing the umbilical cord, the source of all, a snake of regeneration, and a blade of midwifery. She is joined by animals sacred to her, the frog who crosses the elements, the owl who is a creature of the night, and her beloved dogs. The arrival of Hecate is often heralded by the barking or howling of dogs. Her dogs in this art are a breed known as Molossus, an ancient and now extinct breed of dogs found in Greece and Rome who were the forerunners of such modern dogs as the Mastiff, St. Bernand, and Rottweiler to name a few. Surrounding the crossroads we see many chthonic herbs sacred to her.

Call upon Hecate when trying to bolster your inner power, protecting yourself and home, or trying to make an important life decision. She is also a wonderful Goddess to remember when trying to coax seeds out of the dark earth, or releasing what may be hindering personal growth. Though she will help in issues of justice, make sure that you are in the right first, she won’t hand hold or play favorites if you ask for justice. Hecate can be a great Goddess for tough times, ask for her assistance when you need to “level up” in life, she inspires us to rise above adversity and embrace our power.

Includes the symbol Hecate's Wheel (image below):

Fabric and ink
Copyright ownership:
Mickie Mueller