3197 – Houdini Reproduction Poster: Do Spirits Return Poster

Physical description:
An A4 poster dominated by black, yellow and blue figures. Advertising a Houdini show.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
21cm x 29cm
Text from the poster, "Do Spirits Return? Houdini says NO and PROVES IT 3 shows in one. Magic - illusions - escapes = fraud mediums exposed. Lyceum Theatre Paterson Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sept 2, 3, 4. Matinee Saturday. Houdini was a legendary escape artist and illusionist. He had a low opinion of mediums and spiritualists generally, having a long running argument with Arthur Conan Doyle about it. When he died, Houdini arranged with his wife that he would return from the grave if the spirit world did in fact exist. For many years, his wife organised a seance on Halloween to try and contact Houdini. They even had a secret phrase that he would say if he really made contact. After many years, his wife gave up and concluded that there was no spirit world or life after death.