3048 – Human tooth, 20th century letter of authenticity: 'Portion of Jaw of a soldier killed at Sedgemoor'

Physical description:
Handwritten letter, press cutting (from T.P.'s Weekly, April 7, 1905), human tooth.
Tooth: 2 cm long
Handwritten letter: 'Portion of jaw of one of the Soldiers killed at the Battle of Sedgemoor in Somerset on the night of Sunday the fifth of July 1685 between James 2nd and the Duke of Monmouth...' the letter continues but the handwriting is difficult to decipher: 'the last fight[?] descrving the name of battle that has been fought on English p[?].' Overleaf: 'See Macaulay, History of England, ....? 3, Chaptr 5, pages 285 to 290.' Another smaller card is inscribed with the same hand and has similar details: 'History of England Ch. V - 1685 (p.290).' Another piece of paper is a description of the Battle, imaginatively described in T.P.'s Weekly, April 1905.
Human tooth, paper, ink