3779 – Lilith art card

Physical description:
Card (slightly smaller than A5) with woman with dark hair, a black dress and black wings in front of a coloured background.
Museum classification:
18cm x 11.5cm

In some versions of the Bible/Hebrew mythology, Lilith is Adam's first wife.  She was made from clay at the same time as Adam and was his equal (not made from his rib and his subordinate like Eve).  She was disobedient/independent.  Medieval legends said that all witches were derived from Lilith.  

Lilith is now recognised as a Goddess by many modern witches.

This text is taken from the maker's etsy.com webpage:

Wherein it became necessary to explore Lilith, first wife of Adam, wife of Asmodeus, wife of Samael, the Serpent of the Tree of Knowledge. Mother of the mysteries of birth and death and finally the wife of God.

A caveat: When working with the energies of any dark goddess, be prepared to assume the consequences. In my case, I found Lilith to be a supreme protector, if somewhat zealous in her protection. Not only is she unafraid of chaos and destruction, her very Nature commands it, however never chaotically or without legitimacy.

In this rendition, she is winged and emerging from night. Her typical companions, the owl and the lions which flank her feet, are not present simply because I believe the original sculpture that this assumption is based upon is a mis-translation and misunderstanding of the Sumerian dialect. Rather in this portrait, she is fashioned qabbalistically, as the dark Shekinah, the alternate companion of Adonai.

This portrait is Lilith as the shadow self, that part of us that is animal, defiant, passionate and ultimately at one with her own Nature. In her darkness, she has formed talons but remains the beautiful creature that she is, poised between worlds, that of her rule over darkness and the desert to which she was ultimately exiled, as the Mother of Night and all of the ebon beauty that lies within it.

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