3539 – Magic, Witchcraft and Folklore artwork for tattoos

Physical description:
Large piece of paper (poss.A3) with blank ink drawings and writing on it. Tea stained and burnt around the edges. Signed Tattoos for your enemies in the bottom right hand corner.
Museum classification:
Modern Witchcraft
39cm x 48cm

Created by Jack Dominic Watts of Tattoos for your enemies in 2016.  Jack spent some time designing tattoos inspired by the Museum's collection.  He then tattooed people with one of these designs in the Museum.  He donated this artwork for the Museum to keep as a memento of the day.  He also donated two zines which are in the Museum library: book ID 7666-7667.


Paper, ink, tea and coffee
Copyright ownership:
Jack Dominic Watts of Tattoos for your enemies.