3072 – Magical Victorian Farthing: 'Hag Penny'

Physical description:
Victorian farthing in a silver suspension ring.
Museum classification:
Spells & Charms
2.6 cm diameter
This item has been part of the Museum collection since the 1950s but has evaded identification due it is absorption into a larger collection of miscellaneous coins (formerly Object No. 299). CWOLC (Cecil Williamson Object Label Collection) 8053 reveals that this object was collected by Cecil Williamson and that it was a means of charming water to cure livestock: "A HAG PENNY Actually a Victorian farthing which by some dark magical process has won for itself great fetish power. Set in a silver ring it was left suspended overnight in a bottle of south taken water. At sun rise the ailing beast was given the water to drink, and it is claimed recovery followed soon after. The fact remains that in its day it worked owners and good fees were paid for the privilege of its use." See also CWOLC No. 7095.
Silver ring, alloy