3143 – Nightmare Before Christmas Lights: Halloween lights in Lock, Stock and Barrel shape

Physical description:
A 10 inch strand of fairy lights with three different designs.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
29cm x 33cm x 9cm in box

Lights showing the three trick or treaters from the film the Nightmare Before Christmas. The film plays on the idea of holidays being places and the place that Halloween comes from is Halloween Town. Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without trick or treaters and these characters are called Lock, Stock and Barrel. One is dressed as a witch, one as a Devil and one as a skeleton (three classic trick or treat costumes). In the film, they work for the evil Mr Oogie Boogie Man. They capture Santa Claus and torment him. Many people now associate Halloween with its portrayal in the film the Nightmare before Christmas.

Plastic and electrics
Copyright ownership:
Touchstone Pictures