3019 – Old Museum text panels: Labels from old Museum displays

Physical description:
Set of printed cards from around the Museum with information about the displays.
Each card 38cm long, various widths

2x Witches made use of familiars to help them in their work.
2x And as the Alchemist, ought to unlock the secrets of nature.
3x To gain their ends they made pacts with the Devil.
3x Witches worshipped the Horned God.
3x Also they read the omens in the stars.
2x Witches, like the sorcerers, worked their spells from within the magic circle.
1x And as the alchemist, sought to unlock the secrets of nature.
2x Christian Churchmen down through the ages in slavish obedience to the Biblical mistranslation "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live", tortured and killed in Europe no less than nine million persons.
2x The earliest known book of spells.
2x Witches are usually depicted as being ugly, old and poor.
2x Witchcraft is as old as mankind.
2x The earliest known pictorial record of witches and their activities.
2x The Mau Mau have used the power of witchcraft as a political weapon.
2x They danced and made merry at the Sabbaths.
2x They made spells for man and beast.
2x Mankind has always felt a need for the use of charms.
3x They worked separated by distance; they did not speak each other's language; yet their methods were identical.
2x And the medicinal properties of the hedgerow and hillside.
1x Is this plaque based on fact or fiction?
1x The threat of white persecution has driven witchcraft underground, so we find that among the native races the secret fires of witchcraft smoulder dangerously.
2x Animal. Vegetable. Mineral.
3x The witches and sorcerers of all nations did these things.
2x Witches and sorcerers taught mankind the magical power of precious stones.
1x Replica of a sorcerer's temple set for performing ritual magic.
2x They knew and used the protective power of the magic circle.
2x The Sabbath.
2x They made divinations and foretold the future.
3x The sorcerers, or wizards differed from the witches in that they devoted themselves chiefly to the raising of spirits and necromancy.
2x In spite of all this, witchcraft continues to flourish in all parts of the world.
2x Witches preparing to journey to the Sabbath.
2x From these they made healing or deathly oils, powders and ointments.