3813 – Paintings of Horned God and Goddess

Physical description:
Two large (almost A3) sized pictures in frames. Pictures show: Cernunnos type male figure with antlers, ivy, a snake, torc, horned feet and erect phallus. This painting is mainly red, with a black border. It also has a large yellow sun at the top and and a large orange disk behind the Horned God. He has brown hair. Gold frame. The Goddess picture:mainly black background and black border with silver moon, owl, hare, snake, lily and apple. The Goddess herself is wearing a white and grey robe (her chest is bare) and a crescent moon headdress. She has blond hair. Gold frame.
Museum classification:
Horned God and Goddess
31cm x 40cm

The donor said "Two paintings from my private collection.  Of the God and the Goddess circa late 50s/60s."

Says "Occultique, 73 Kettering Road, Northampton NN1 4AW" on a sticker on the reverse of the frame.

Same image as object numbers 2142 and 2143 but the colour is different.




Paper, paint, glass and metal