3120 – Picture of Execution : Tyburn Tree reproduction picture

Physical description:
Light green coloured card with a cream piece of paper glued to it. The picture shows a site of execution. There are handwritten notes around the picture.
Museum classification:
24cm x 15cm
This picture seems to show the Tyburn Tree, notorious execution site in London. It has notes around the side which are difficult to read. At the bottom it says: "See Tyburn Tree, its history and Annals by Alfred Marks, p.25-4 for account of execution of Wm Guest. photographed by Donald Macbeth 66 Ludgate Hill for H.S." William Guest, a banker's clerk was executed in 1767 for diminishing the coin of the realm. This may have been part of Cecil Williamson's collection. He founded the Museum and researched punishments of the past.
Object - picture