3680 a) – h) – Vintage Easter Postcards

14 x 9 cm

A selection of American made Easter cards incorporating a mixture of ancient and modern symbolism and imagery.

a) "Easter Greetings" with lillies and forget-me-nots.

b) "Easter Greetings" with two chicks, egg shell and Pussy-Willow

c) "A Joyful Easter" with Hen pulling a cart full of chicks

d) "Easter Joy" with Chick, rabbits, primroses and pussy-willow

e) "Joyful Easter" with rabbit painting eggs with snow-drops

f) "May every happiness be yours on Easter Day" with three chicks and sprig of blossom

g) "Joyful Easter" bunnies, bird-table and carrot

h) "My Easter Greeting" with blue flowers hanging from pussy-willow in eggs