3224 – Ring of Demeter and Persephone: Ancient Roman signet ring

Physical description:
Small iron ring (which is rusty). Dark red glass intaglio showing hands holding grain and a poppy. Slight chip at the bottom of the glass.
Museum classification:
2cm diameter
The following text was provided with this object's certificate of authenticity: "This is an ancient Roman iron signet ring set with its original sard intaglio, dating to the 1st century AD. The intaglio is finely cut with a hand, grasping two wheat stalks and a poppy. This is a reference to the Goddess of the harvest Demeter and Persephone Goddess of the Underworld. Iron finger rings had a long history with ancient Rome, being the choice of the patriot and citizen of the Republic. We have records of Roman Senators wearing iron signet rings, shunning the gold of the 'barbarian' and Greek.
Iron and glass
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